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Rudi Putra ©Goldman Environmental Prize

RSF helps Forum Konservasi Leuser protect Endangered Species
Donations to RSF’s ongoing program of support to Dr. Rudi Putra and Forum Konservasi Leuser have completely rebuilt the Soraya Station— a research and ranger outpost deep in the remote Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. We also outfitted a team of Wildlife Protection Rangers, and helped to buy back land from small palm oil farmers— restoring the area to its natural state by cutting down non-native palm oil trees, and replanting native plants. In this way we have been able to reclaim critical habitat, and protect it for the many critically endangered species that call the Leuser Ecosystem home.

One of the many pieces of research equipment funded by RSF are trail cameras. These trail cams enable FKL Rangers to remotely monitor the movement of species through parts of the Leuser Ecosystem. Below are some of the endangered species moving through this restored and protected habitat on a daily basis.

Enjoy the VIDEOS and thank you for your generous support of RSF and Soraya Station!